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If you already possess a driver’s licence but would like to be able to pull a trailer, it’s worth noting that your existing licence won’t cover this. In order to attach a trailer to your vehicle, you must carry out additional training in order to gain an extra category on your driver’s licence.
To obtain this category, you must complete B+E training.

Do I Need to Complete B+E Training?

Depending on when you passed your test, your licence may already cover you to pull a trailer. If you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997, you’ll need to take an extra test to legally tow a trailer with a gross weight over 750kg. That includes most double horse trailers, whether carrying two horses or not and most caravans. If you passed your test before this, you shouldn’t need to take any further action.

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What to Expect from Wayside Transport

At Wayside Transport, we can teach you everything you need to know to become fully certified to pull a trailer with a gross weight of more than 750kg. We can advise on the duration of one-to-one training that will help you reach the required test standard. Depending on your level of experience, a course will typically run anywhere from one and a half days to two and a half days.

Every training session begins with an informal discussion in which we will talk you through what will be covered during the training and the test itself. At the conclusion of this discussion, you will be shown how to perform a complete safety check on your vehicle by one of our NRI approved instructors. This covers the theory as well as a practical demonstration which is essential for safe vehicle operation.

Trained by knowledgeable professionals

You’ll next learn how to safely operate the vehicle while towing a trailer. This is, in effect, similar to shunting training as the driver must be aware at all times of their surroundings as well as the larger profile of the vehicle they are operating. You’ll be taught the set reversing manoeuvres and shown how to couple and re-couple the trailer(s). Finally, you’ll be taught how to drive safely in and around town while pulling a trailer.

Training courses are usually taught on a one-to-one basis by a NRI approved instructor. Here at Wayside Transport, we have an exceptional pass record, so you be assured that you’re being trained by knowledgeable professionals.

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What does the test usually involve?

Once you’ve completed your training and demonstrated an understanding of road safety as well as a firm grasp of the basics, you’ll progress onto the final stage – the test. The test will cover several areas, and you’ll be expected to answer five ‘Show Me/ Tell Me’ questions. This will require a mixture of verbal responses and physical demonstrations with a fault being issued for each incorrect answer.

This will then be followed up with vehicle safety check questions followed by the reversing challenge where you must demonstrate that you know how to reverse correctly. While this might sound straightforward, doing so with a trailer is more complicated than without. Next, you will be taken out on the road and required to master a number of road and traffic conditions. This includes:

• Moving Off Up and Downhill Safely and Smoothly
• Moving Off Normally from the Side of the Road
• Meeting Other Vehicles
• Overtaking
• Negotiating Various Roundabouts
• And More!

Finally, you’ll be asked to demonstrate uncoupling and re-coupling the trailer correctly and safely. You can take your test at the Poole LGV/PCV Test Centre, Southampton LGV/PCV Test Centre or one that’s local to you.

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