Driver CPC Training

If you’re looking to start or renew your Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) training, simply give Wayside Transport a call today to find out how we can help. Driver CPC certification is a set of standards designed to ensure proficiency and competency among all professional drivers.

With a few exceptions, it is a legal requirement for all professional drivers driving any vehicles over 3,500kgs to undertake Driver CPC training. At Wayside Transport, we recommend that even if you feel that you’re exempt, you should still consider undertaking this training to ensure that you’re up-to-speed with current legal requirements.

Will I Require CPC Training?

If you’re planning on driving a vehicle over 3,500kgs as a professional driver, then the short answer is yes – you will need Driver CPC Training.

There are some exceptions, for instance if you’re operating vehicles as part of the armed forces, police, fire brigade or a civil defence organisation then you may not necessarily require this training.
Other exceptions can include but are not limited to: individuals operating a vehicle for the non-commercial carriage of passengers or goods, or transporting materials or equipment which is deemed essential for your work where this would usually not fall under your job description.

There are other exceptions which may apply, and if you’re unsure as to whether any of these apply to you, please contact us and we’ll be happy to advise you.

You will require Driver CPC Training, however, if you’re planning to drive any of the following:

• LGV Articulated Vehicles
• LGV Rigid Vehicles
• LGV 7.5 tonne Vehicles
• PCV Buses and Coaches
• PCV Minibuses

Get in touch with our friendly team today for further details

Periodic Training

Wayside Transport regularly hosts Driver CPC periodic training courses in our purpose built classroom facility at our premises in Ferndown, Dorset. We also hold courses at Winfrith and Wool and can also provide training at your site for your drivers on request. The training is suitable for both LGV and PCV drivers.

All drivers are required to undertake 35 hours (5 days) of classroom based training every five years.  Once completed, a Driver CPC Qualification card will be issued which is valid for 5 years.  The card can be renewed before expiry by completing a further 35 hours of training.

If you’re a professional LGV/ PCV driver wishing to work in either haulage or passenger markets, you will need to complete and keep yourself up to date with your Driver CPC training.

We can assist you with the training for this with an understanding approach. All our trainers are focused on your needs and requirements and are fully approved and endorsed to provide training which is considered to be the best that the industry has to offer. We are centrally located in Dorset with easy access from Southampton, Hampshire and Wiltshire via the A31.


June 2021
Monday 21st June Ferndown Drivers Hours
Tuesday 22nd June Ferndown Drive Safe Stay Legal
Wednesday 23rd June Ferndown Operators Law
Thursday 24th June Ferndown Vulnerable Road Users
Friday 25th June Ferndown Emergency First Aid
July 2021


Monday 19th July Ferndown Emergency First Aid
Tuesday 20th July Ferndown Drivers Hours
Wednesday 21st July Ferndown Drive Safe Stay Legal
Thursday 22nd July Ferndown Operators Law
Friday 23rd July Ferndown Vulnerable Road Users
August 2021
Monday 23rd August Ferndown Drivers Hours
Tuesday 24th August Ferndown Drive Safe Stay Legal
Wednesday 25th August Ferndown Operators Law
Thursday 26th August Ferndown Vulnerable Road Users
Friday 27th August Ferndown Emergency First Aid
September 2021
Monday 20th September Ferndown Drivers Hours
Tuesday 21st September Ferndown Drive Safe Stay Legal
Wednesday 22nd September Ferndown Emergency First Aid
Thursday 23rd September Ferndown Operators Law
Friday 24th September Ferndown Vulnerable Road Users
October 2021
Monday 25th October Ferndown Drivers Hours
Tuesday 26th October Ferndown Drive Safe Stay Legal
Wednesday 27th October Ferndown Operators Law
Thursday 28th October Ferndown Emergency First Aid
Friday 29th October Ferndown Vulnerable Road Users
November 2021
Monday 22nd November Ferndown Drivers Hours
Tuesday 23rd November Ferndown Drive Safe Stay Legal
Wednesday 24th November Ferndown Operators Law
Thursday 25th November Ferndown Vulnerable Road Users
Friday 26th November Ferndown Emergency First Aid
December 2021
Monday 20th December Ferndown Drivers Hours
Tuesday 21st December Ferndown Drive Safe Stay Legal
Wednesday 22nd December Ferndown Operators Law

If you don’t see the date you are looking for just give us a call. We can also help with additional booking information and bookings.

Wayside Transport Wimborne

CPC Initial Training

All drivers seeking to obtain their first Category C or D licence must undertake training which includes Driver CPC training. A ‘Certificate of Professional Competence’ combines with theory test preparation and practical instruction to form the backbone of what will be the Initial CPC Qualification. Unless we partake in Driver CPC training, you won’t be able to legally operate commercial vehicles.

Here at Wayside Transport, we have you covered with a range of courses starting in November 2018 and running right through to August 2019. Spaces are limited, so we recommend that you get in touch with our team today to book your place in order to avoid disappointment. If you have any questions or require more information about our Driver CPC Training, give Wayside Transport a call today on 01202 873 911.

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