HGV Driver Training Dorset

At Wayside Transport, we offer proven and well-constructed training courses and expert advice tailored to your needs. We have extensive experience in lorry training for multiple HGV vehicle types, such as LGV and PCV. Please visit our lorry training course information pages for more details on our offerings. Whether you are an individual or part of an organisation in Dorset, you can benefit from our broad range of HGV training courses.

Our professional and friendly approach gives drivers all the safety and legal requirements they need, along with a detailed overview on current regulations.

Our lorry training courses are designed to be result-driven offering substantial practical experience. Our aim is to give all drivers equal opportunity and preparation to confidently graduate from our lorry training courses with upgraded skills and a high sense of responsibility. For booking or more enquiries, you can give us a call or email us. Our customer service team will get back to you shortly.

The Best HGV Driver Training Dorset Service

Our reputation precedes itself, especially in Dorset. We have a long-standing history with more than 20 years of experience, and we are now the leading training course providers in the south and south west. With this standing in the market, even individuals and organisations outside Dorset are booking our courses. We are proud that our customers come from Hampshire, Devon, and Wiltshire.

Our HGV Driver Training Courses

Are you looking to start a career by driving an HGV over 3500 kg, or looking to grow your business by training your existing staff? Look no further! We can establish a solid foundation for your HGV driving career and support you to get your license with our well-designed HGV training courses. Note that HGV and LGV mean the same thing, but LGV is the more recognised term. In some cases, these training courses can happen at the organisation’s premises in Dorset or beyond for more convenience.

How do I Start HGV Training Dorset?

This license can also be known as Rigid, Class 2, or LGV for simplicity. Our instructors are fully NRI accredited, and we also have female instructors. Before you undertake this training and get your license, there are some official requirements that need to be met, so please check the details on our LGV training page.

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    Why Choose Wayside Transport for Our HGV Driver Training Dorset

    Any driver’s number one priority is to increase the chance of passing first time. Thanks to our expertise and proven courses, our first-time pass rate for HGV courses is 25% above the national average. With us, you are in safe hands. The good news is that you don’t need to trust our word alone; please check our gallery and the testimonials we’ve received, so that you can get a better idea about how our customers perceive our training.

    Local HGV Driver Training Dorset

    Once you are qualified and licensed as an HGV driver, you can start earning up to £30k per year as a practicing driver. The status quo is that there is a great demand for HGV and LGV drivers here in Dorset, and it only appears to be growing. We are proud to offer the proper training to enable you to meet those demands.

    Additional Services

    Here at Wayside Transport, we offer all kinds of high-demand driving training courses. We even offer training for instructor qualifications. Our additional services include, but are not limited to, car and trailer training, forklift courses, ambulance training, towing and caravan assistance, PCV bus and minibus training, HGV and LGV training, one-on-one instruction sessions, and even periodic CPC.


    Our state-of-the-art facilities here at Wayside Transport are just what you need to kickstart your training journey. We house the appropriate machinery and vehicles to help us help you unlock all the necessary skills you need to become a safe and competent driver. Logistics should never stand in the way of a proper learning environment, and we at Wayside Transport have folded this into our process.

    You can now go through our gallery to check out all the vehicles and machinery that would be at your disposal if you should choose to work with us.

    Our Dorset HGV Driver Training Module

    Our course can be delivered and completed very quickly. Some of our programmes can be even offered and completed successfully in one or two days.

    Thorough and Competent HGV Driver Training Dorset

    We have worked relentlessly on building very elaborate and structured teaching techniques to give our students the best learning experience they can get. Our methods are constantly evolving to meet new needs, and we pride ourselves on that. Our long years of experience have led us to conceive the perfect equation leading to an optimal learning experience.

    Our courses and instructors are recognized by the Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency and for Driver CPC by JAUPT.

    Many Years of Experience

    Here at Wayside Transport, we have accumulated over 20 years of expertise in the lorry training business. During this time spent in practice, we have come across all types of different learners, and have adapted our ways to suit the needs of every single one of them. We have built up an unparalleled reputation for excellence, and we aim at maintaining this standard of practice.

    The Best HGV Driver Training Dorset Can Get

    Although we expanded our reach beyond Dorset, this is where we started. Locally, our customers believe that we are second-to-none. We are proud to go the extra mile. We are proud partners of the NIR, Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue, and NHS South Western Ambulance Service. With the right resources, be it professional instructors or lorry vehicles, you can reach your full potential with us. This is possible through a combination of theoretical and practical education.

    Types of HGV Driver Training Dorset Has to Offer

    We can help you pass many license tests for any type of lorry vehicle including HGV, buses, and coaches. Even more, we offer CPC, C1, B+E, ADR, and LGV training.

    HGV Assessor Training

    If you are an ambitious and experienced HGV driver, you might want to add invaluable skills to your portfolio or make progress in your career to earn more or simply to break the routine. You can grow with our HGV Driver Assessor training to become an expert in assessing the skills of other HGV drivers. This is the best step forward in your career path as an expert yourself, so come to Wayside Transport to stay ahead of the game!

    Bus, Minibus and Trailer Training

    If you are planning to get a license for driving a bus, minibus, or a trailer, we have all the training courses you need. If you are unaware of the terminology or the path, don’t worry; we have you covered. The license required to achieve your goal is a PCV Category D or D1. With our courses, you can also remove the 101 restriction from your current license.

    When Should I Start My HGV Driver Training Course?

    If you are looking to start a clear career path in HGV driving, you’ve come to the right place for guidance and training. You can start at any age, but there are some official requirements that need to be met, so call us for further clarification on the topic.

    Expert HGV Training Dorset Specialists

    Whether you are looking to invest in developing your own skills as an independent driver looking to enhance their career, or are responsible for a group of employees, Wayside Transport is your go-to training service in Dorset. We are committed to safety, and safety on the roads means excellence.

    How Will Wayside Transport Help You Pass Your HGV Driver Training Dorset Course?

    In addition to the theoretical skills you will gain during your training, our courses also help you build solid practical experience. Our reliable training approach provides you with the necessary skills to cover all the necessary requirements for the HGV Dorset driver training course. We guarantee that our training program is more than enough to supply you with the skills to operate safely and legally.

    Wayside Transport Wimborne

    Benefits of Our HGV Driver Training Courses

    • We Hold a First-Time Pass Rate 25% Above the National Average
    • Make £30k a Year as a Practicing Driver
    • State-Of-The-Art Facilities, Machinery, and Vehicles
    • Stellar Testimonials and Reviews from Previous Students
    • Over 20 Years in Expertise of Training and License Acquisition
    • Available Programmes to Meet All Heavy-Duty Driving Requirements and Skill Levels
    • Recognised Female Trainers Available
    • Rapid Delivery of Courses – Some Courses Can Even Be Completed in One or Two Days
    • We Offer Driving Instructor Training
    •  Progressive and Modern Teaching Methods to Suit All Kinds of Learners

    Contact Us Today to Book Our HGV Driver Training Courses Dorset

    Contact us now to book your spot and start your HGV or LGV training as soon as possible. Hit us up with a call or drop us an email to find the schedule and training program best suited to you. We guarantee that our team of experts will help you feel more than comfortable in acquiring your new set of HGV and LGV skills.

    Competent PCV and LGV drivers are always needed. Prove yourself now as a capable and skilled driver by getting the support you need to refine your skills with our training program. Open new doors and embrace new opportunities.

    We at Wayside Transport believe that learning is a lifelong process, and the more you seek, the more you reap. Our many training programmes are guaranteed to provide the skills you are looking for. Help our seasoned team of experts help you by contacting us now.

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      Our services include

      One-to-one instruction

      ADR Dangerous Goods

      LGV / HGV training

      PCV  Bus / Minibus training

      Car and trailer training

      NRI-Instructor Qualification training

      NRI-LGV driving assessor course

      Itssar Forklift Courses

      Support in gaining your C/C+E/C1 LGV licence or D/D1 PCV licence

      Periodic CPC

      Ambulance Training

      Caravan and Towing Assistance