LGV Driver Training Dorset

Are you in need of a Large Goods Vehicle driving licence? Perhaps your employees need to be able to drive an LGV and you’re searching for a reputable company to train them? If so, then LGV driver training Dorset specialists Wayside Transport can help. Call us on 01202 873 911 to make an enquiry.

The Dorset LGV Driver Training Specialists You Can Trust

If you’re in need of an LGV driving licence for work, then you’ll want to obtain one as quickly as possible. For thorough yet time-efficient LGV driver training in Dorset, look no further than Wayside Transport.

One way to ensure that you’re not going to waste unnecessary time on your training, is by passing your test first time. Wayside Transport are proud to confirm that our first-time pass rate for LGV driving is 25% above the national average. So, if you’re on the lookout for Dorset LGV driver training specialists who really know their stuff, it’s an obvious choice. Train with Wayside Transport and give yourself the highest possible chance of success.

All of our instructors are fully NRI accredited and hold a current DBA/CRB certificate. When you complete your LGV driver training in Dorset with Wayside Transport, you can rest assured that you’re learning from the best of the best.

What’s more, we understand how important it is to feel comfortable around your instructor and to be able to build with them a positive rapport. Our team is a friendly and professional one comprised of both male and female trainers, all of whom are sure to be able to put even the most nervous of drivers at ease. In Dorset, LGV driver training can be as enjoyable as it is educational.

Why Obtain an LGV Driving Licence?

If you would like to drive Large or Heavy Goods Vehicles over 3,500kg then this is the course for you. You might know this licence as a Rigid, Class 2 or HGV driving licence. Please note that LGV and HGV licences are essentially the same – LGV is simply the recognised term nowadays.

It may be that you’re in need of this licence to secure a specific role with a particular company, or that you’re simply looking to increase your employability by adding another string to your bow. Either way, once you have successfully completed your LGV driver training in Dorset, you can expect to earn up to £30k a year as an LGV driver. Moreover, you’re likely to see a marked expansion in the employment opportunities available to you, as there is always a very high demand for LGV drivers.

It may not be that you are, yourself, looking to obtain an LGV driving qualification, but that you are looking for an appropriate company to train your employees. If this is the case, then get in touch with Wayside Transport, the leading LGV driver training Dorset specialists today.

Why Choose Wayside Transport?

Wayside Transport exists to serve two purposes. Firstly, we enable individuals to greatly expand their own job opportunities by providing our customers with a solid foundation for a driving career. Secondly, we enable business-owners to ensure the safety and competence of their staff on the roads by offering outstanding driving instruction.

For whatever reason you seek LGV driver training, Dorset’s Wayside Transport are here to help.

We maintain a glowing reputation as being:

  • Friendly
  • Down To Earth
  • Thorough
  • Professional
  • And Most of All – Successful

The secret? We offer results-driven training in a relaxing environment where every driver can learn at their own pace. So for LGV driver training, Dorset’s drivers should make us their first port of call.

Affordable LGV driver training in Dorset

We at Wayside Transport are the LGV driver training Dorset specialists who care. It is our top priority that every driver who completes their training with us moves forwards in their career with confidence and absolute proficiency behind the wheel. Our training encompasses all the technical knowledge and practical experience a new LGV driver needs. We produce drivers who are highly skilled, fully prepared, and responsible.

So if you require the best LGV driver training Dorset has to offer, Wayside Transport is the company to choose.

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Call us now on 01202 873 911 to find out more. Alternatively, you can fill out our online form, and we will respond as soon as possible. For LGV driver training, Dorset’s Wayside Transport won’t let you down.