Terms and Conditions

Aim: our overall aim is to provide the best resources possible to enable you to pass your driving test in your chosen category.

1.0 Our responsibilities

We will:

Provide an initial assessment of your driving ability as and when requested or required

Agree training time to meet your individual needs

Provide suitable vehicles and other training equipment as required

Ensure all vehicles are suitably insured, roadworthy and fit for purpose

Provide competent and experienced instructors

Provide a test booking facility

Provide fuel as required

Give regular, honest and focused feedback on your progress

2.0 Your responsibilities:

You will:

Study and understand all relevant sections of the current Highway Code and other DVSA publications as appropriate

Ensure you have the relevant provisional driving categories noted on your driving licence

Carry your Driving Licence at all times during your training course

Ensure you have successfully completed any theory, hazard perception or other tests as required

Ensure that you have sufficient time available to complete your driving course

Provide cleared funds in full payment prior to the start of your driving course unless previously agreed to the contrary

Drive, at all times during your driver training course, within the rules, regulations and guidelines outlined in the Road Traffic Act, other documentation and legislation

3.0 Cancellation

In the unlikely event that we need to cancel your course or driving test we will provide as much notice as possible. Please bear in mind that the Driving Standards Agency can cancel tests on the day and without prior notice. In this event we will arrange a replacement driving test on your behalf.

Seven days notice is required if you need to cancel for any reason. This is to allow, as required by the Driving Standards Agency, three clear working days notice to cancel your driving test.

If you start your driving course but fail to complete it for any reason no refund will be given in any circumstances.

4.0 Confidentiality and Data Protection

We will keep all information and data relating to you confidential and will ensure that paper or IT based records are stored and used in an appropriate manner. We will, at all times, comply with the terms, conditions and bench marks contained in the current Data Protection legislation.

5.0 Disputes

In the unlikely event of a dispute between a customer and Wayside Transport , the Laws relating to England will apply in all circumstances